Banned Commercials

The United States are based off of relatively promiscuous actions and words from anyone. People love it. Everyone loves a good joke that’s very PG- 13 or rated R…

When advertisers do it, it’s good until the FCC gets to it and decides that its too inappropriate for it younger viewers.

All of these commercials in this YouTube video were thinking that their commercials would last for a while on TV while most of them were shown under ten times and then taken off the air for restriction rights…

Do you appreciate these ads?
If they were shown on channels that 98% of children wouldn’t watch would you want to see them every day?

I feel as if these commercials were shown, as desensitized as America is to all sexual things, there wouldn’t be an issue, but the FCC is constantly on guard for everything inappropriate.

It’s a lot easier these days to market anything with sexual appeal because everyone is either expecting it or so used to it at this point that they don’t care. I know for a fact that I don’t mind it, because I’ve grown up in a world where sex, and sexuality is such a part of every day life that I don’t even mind anything or any of it.

With all of these commercials in this video, you really watch it and think how everything is banned in this video and how even the least sexual ones don’t and can’t get to you because you’re so used to watching shows and programming like this everyday.

I really hope in the future that people either stop making things sexual or get used to everything sexual because it’s either a part of your day or you need to make it not a part of your day, yet with the way the worlds going, it will be the first suggestion.


Sometimes I generally hate holidays and what they promote. Yea they’re fun for kids and people who get in the spirit, but more holidays are faith based or based off of dead people… a little morbid and a little risqué.

Anyway, I went to my grandmothers house today to celebrate Easter and as I watched my little cousins fight for Easter eggs it dawned on me that this is not at all what Easter is all about and companies exploit holidays for their own personal gain.

As a Catholic we firmly believe that today was the day Christ rose from the dead. Although I’m not the most die hard Catholic, it happened.

The way I’ve seen commercials and advertisements about Easter, it’s all about the Easter bunny, and candy, dying eggs, and new Easter clothing and shoes. Yet most people don’t even know why they are celebrating Easter, what the holiday is actually for.

It’s just a random day to people who see all these pretty colors and candies and bunnies, basically it celebrates spring if you take out the Jesus aspect to it… yet to me that seems rather pointless.

While yes the ads really made me want chocolate, and I know for damn sure I’ll be at Wal- Mart tomorrow for 50% off candy, it also made me kind of irritated that companies exploit religions in order to sell baskets that a rabbit brought someone… a rabbit. Kind of a weird concept. Yet kids go for it, and get to dress up all nice to go find eggs a rabbit left them…

Advertisers find gold mines in holidays. They find money money and more money in exploiting religious occasions and rightfully so, more power to them, it just makes you think a lot more.

Advertising to Children

When you think of advertising, what do you think of?

Most of the time I think color, happiness, and desirable products. I think of as seen on TV items that you always think are useless until one day you need a “perfect brownie” or a bowl that doesn’t spill anything out of it. Then you remember the eye catching ads for the perfect brownie or the gyro bowl and think hey, I need that. When in reality no, you obviously don’t. Yet those stick with you and you remember, you buy, you use, you break.

If you take a second though, and think about how these ads affect you a lot, but then think harder about how much they can affect a young impressionable mind of a child.

Children pay a lot more attention to the television, radio, and billboards than you think, and you end up paying for it when they have a meltdown because their favorite toys come in the happy meal at McDonald’s and you really just wanted some peace and quiet long enough to let them eat their meal and play with their toy in peace.

Then you think how did they learn what was at McDonald’s, how did they find out about some toy and why do they want it SOOO bad?

Advertising; commercials, car rides, their friends.

Anything these kids can visually get a hold of, they want if it pertains to them and a lot of it does.

Children want things that other kids have, they want something that looks cool, so when advertisers take their product and make it into something that child needs, like their popularity depends on it, which an advertiser can do, the child will go to great lengths to attempt to get that product. Children are very persistent.

Advertising and Persuasion

So here’s proof that advertising can literally persuade you into buying something.

Although it is widely understood that ads have always been there to persuade you into buying something or wanting something there are many key components that go into making an ad, and making it stick with you.

Ads that are repeated over and over again often stick with you better when there is a jingle that is very memorable and short. The short term memory takes something out of a commercial and stores it when it is easy enough to comprehend and remember because it’s catchy.

It also works better for a company whenever they don’t change their catchphrase or catchy jingle over the years.

For example Empire the carpet company has had the same commercial for YEARS. The same commercial not the same type of commercial switched up or just the same catchphrase… The reason I remember it is because of the little computerized men putting two different floorings down in the same room and it always bugged me that they did that. Yet to this day, I can’t forget… 800– 588- 2300 Empireeeee today.

Just like how McDonald’s has the I’m lovin’ it campaign. While their commercials and ads change weekly, their catchphrase never changes and because they market their ads to EVERYONE, even little kids can recite it to you. That’s the reason children love McDonald’s, their ads are very appealing and little kids are very impressionable which is where advertising strikes it’s hardest. In children, not adults. It’s why ads are always so colorful and so eye catching because younger generations are very drawn to that, they want want want something that looks like it would be a good time no matter if it is or not.

Advertising is a very powerful thing.

Latchkey Kids

Taking a step away from advertising, here’s a little info on latchkey kids.


  • It was during the second World War that latch key children came to the country’s attention.
  • According to the U.S. census, one third of all school age children in the United States are, for some part of the week, latch key kids; that is, they go home to an empty house or apartment.
  • According to the U.S. census, one third of all school age children in the United States are, for some part of the week, latch key kids; that is, they go home to an empty house or apartment.
  • One-half of all children in the country age 12 to 14 are home alone an average of seven hours a week.
  • We know about the 51% who are doing poorly in school. Most teachers believe that being alone at home is the number one cause of school failure.
  • In the last 11 years, juvenile crime has increased 48%.
  • Personality characteristics, skills, and maturity are useful criteria for determining a child’s readiness to be home alone.

What can you do for a latchkey child?

Donate your time to after school programs that prevent children from going home alone.

Donate school supplies, food, clothing, and any other school worthy necessities to a local school or donation collection.

Don’t let your child become a latchkey kid.

Children are sponges, if they learn that going home alone to no supervision means they can do whatever they want they will retain that when they get into things like drugs and alcohol because you’re not home so they can do whatever as long as their parent doesn’t know.

But really…

Have you ever go onto Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed is a news source that also acts as a parody site with real news but people who say whatever they want and report on whatever they want to get onto the site.

It’s hilarious and you can learn many different ways to do things yourself on there, be entertained, learn the happenings in the world, and much more, but it’s very dumbed down for the not so educated reader.

I hate reading news articles that are political that I will never understand because I can’t pay attention to something for more than 5 minutes, but I love Buzzfeed because it’s really interesting. It holds the readers attention with pictures, videos, and articles that are actually interesting or made in to lists for the on the go reader.

My best example I can give is the Malaysian plane that’s missing. At first they were reporting it and doing a good job.

With each update they would put out a article saying here’s what we know about the plane to this very minute and just include previous articles so you could be up to date with it as well.

While other sites out there do the same thing, Buzzfeed really laid everything out in a bulleted list that was an easy read and even easier to retain the information so I can pull it out in discussions so I can look a lot more educated than I am… thanks Buzzfeed.

I believe that this site really isn’t credited enough like other sites the Chive, and Reddit, AOL, and Yahoo.
Buzzfeed is a lot more personalized to your likes and a lot easier to keep up with and very user interactive, where their members can write their own articles and see them published on the site even making it to the front page.

Overall you should just check out this site.